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1800NiceLights – Commercial & Residential LED Lighting

LED Lighting1800NiceLights is an LED lighting company committed to bringing green energy lighting solutions to homes, businesses and municipalities. Led lighting can provide massive energy savings in the 80% to 90% range. These lights last up to 100,000 hours. They have any color scale from the warm light to which most people are accustomed, to the midday light that you would experience outside on a sunny day.

Our team of auditors will audit your business for no charge! All we need is a copy of your latest electric bill, the hours per month your lights are on and the type of lighting you currently use. With the help of our software, we will offer different energy saving solutions. Based on our findings we will present to you a comprehensive report detailing the ROI (return on investment) and the environmental impact of each of our energy saving products. With the rising cost of utilities and the pressure to reduce green house gases, now is a great time to switch to LED lighting that will save you money. Armed with this knowledge your company will be able to determine which solution makes the most sense for you. The inflation rate for electricity over time has been 6% annually. LED lights will go a long way to avoiding those crushing electrical costs in the future. The good news is this transformation into LED light bulbs may cost your company very little and in some cases nothing. The local utilities and the federal government offer cash rebates for the conversion. 1800NiceLights will facilitate these rebates for you. Other tax credits are available (see EPAct 179D) with up to 60 cents per square foot tax credit.

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Listed below are some of the many LED lighting benefits:

  • 50,000 to 100,000 hour life span (over 20) years
  • Uses 50% to 80% less Energy
  • Local energy company rebates (cash back to you for upgrading to LED)
  • No maintenance
  • No Ballasts on LED tubes for Fluorescent replacements
  • Any color Kelvin color scale for warm to midday light
  • Businesses can write off 100%
  • ROI(return on investment) 1-3 years
  • We have revenue neutral leasing programs (no money out of pocket)
  • Environmentally friendly (no carbon emissions)
  • No heat from LED (cool to the touch)
  • Long warranties on LED from the manufacturer
  • Lighting available for residential to commercial
  • 1- 100 watt flood light can be replaced with a 13 watt LED saving you over $500 in energy costs over the life of the LED!

Global Tech LED Ease of Retrofit from Global Tech LED on Vimeo.